General FAQ

What is Flair Exchange?

Flair Exchange is a Funding Portal that unites founders and funders who share a common vision. Our funding platform provides debt and equity based funding. The Flair Exchange Platform is set up to leverage additional sources of capital beyond banks and accredited investors by handling funding sources from accredited and non-accredited sources.

How does Flair Exchange Platform work?

Is Flair Exchange Platform regulated?

What is Regulation Crowdfunding?

Who can invest in businesses listed on Flair Exchange?

Who can raise capital through an offering on Flair Exchange Platform?

Does Flair Exchange accept any business that applies to list an offering?

How are the terms of an offering determined by Flair Exchange?

Why can only U.S. businesses raise capital on Flair Exchange?

Will investors receive any equity interests or any voting or management rights?

What is a revenue sharing note?

What makes a revenue sharing note unique?

What happens if the campaign doesn’t reach its goal?

Do I need to set up an account on Flair Exchange Platform?

Investors FAQ

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the collection of finance from backers—the "crowd"—to fund an initiative and usually occurs on Internet platforms. The concept has been used for centuries in a variety of contexts, all of which refer to companies or individuals using the crowd to carry out an action. In the context of Flair Exchange platform, it means using the crowd to pool together increments of money to invest in initiatives that you as an investor believe in.

How do I invest?

What is the minimum investment?

Does Flair Exchange offer investment recommendations?

If the business is funded and I'm an investor, how do I get paid back?

What updates should I expect after investing?

When businesses can stop filing annual reports?

Do I have to be an accredited investor to invest on Flair Exchange Platform?

To what extent does Flair Exchange Platform assess each business that applies?

Will investors receive any equity interests or any voting or management rights?

If I don’t get equity, how is this an investment?

What can investors expect to receive when they invest through revenue sharing notes on Flair Exchange?

How is a Revenue Sharing Note different from a traditional term note?

Why should investors consider investing through revenue sharing notes on Flair Exchange?

What other types of securities offered, and the risks associated with each type?

Where is my money held?

Are there any restrictions on my ability to transfer my investment?

What happens in the case of default by a business?

What happens if the business misses a payment?

What happens if the business pays off its loan early?

How can I cancel my investment?

Can the issuer cancel my investment?

Risk Warnings

Risk Inherent in Crowdfunding Investments; an Investor May, and Frequently Does, Lose All of Its Investment

Investment in New Concepts

Changing Economic Conditions

Future and Past Performance

Difficulty in Valuing Crowdfunding Investments

Lack of Information for Monitoring and Valuation

The Absence of Liquidity and Public Markets

Legal and Regulatory Risks Associated with Crowdfunding

Tax Risks

Limited Operating History of Businesses

Lack of Investor Control

Confidential Information

Forward Looking Statements

You Are Solely Responsible for Determining an Investment is Appropriate for You

There is no independent governmental or regulatory review of the offering or offering materials

Restriction on Resale of Securities Offered

The issuer may not generate enough revenue to make payments.

Lack of control and no say in the operations of the business.

Entrepreneur FAQ

How can Flair Exchange help you?

We help aspiring entrepreneurs to raise funding and kickstart their venture using Crowdfunding. After successfully completing your offering on Flair Exchange, you will have your own army -the “crowd”- that supports you all the way on your journey.

You don’t have to work alone on your endeavor anymore. Investors that invested in you will have a financial interest to see you succeed and thrive in your venture.

How much money can my business raise on Flair Exchange?

Who can fundraise on Flair Exchange?

How can I start fundraising on Flair Exchange?

What is a Form C?

After successfully fundraising on Flair Exchange, do I need to file annual reports?

What should I include in the annual report?

What will be the costs for fundraising on Flair Exchange?

As a founder, will Investors be able to contact me directly?