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John Hayden

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Greenwich, CT, United States
John Hayden Brand LLC


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Funded Of $30,000.00 Goal
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5 Years Term

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Offering Description

The Company is planning to engage in marketing, promoting, and licensing the brand name of John Hayden and securing sponsorships and endorsement deals, including speaking fees. John Hayden is a professional ice hockey right wing who is currently playing for the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL. He has been in the NHL since the 2017 season. John received his B.A. from Yale University, captaining the Yale Bulldogs ice hockey team as a senior in the 2016-2017 season. The Company business model relies on the continued growth of the athlete brand name as a current NHL professional athlete.

Where will your company be in 5 years?

"Although I aspire to be one of the leading brands in the NHL, what motivated me the most to bring this new concept to life was the opportunity to pave the way for young athletes to achieve greatness."

— John Hayden, CEO.

Revenue Streams:

The Company will mainly earn revenues through brand licensing, endorsements, sponsorships, and paid TV and event appearances.

Brand Development Strategy:

The Company will manage the brand with expertise and discipline to promote and distribute our brand across a wide variety of customer segments and engage consumers in many facets of their lives. With a strategic focus on sports and wellness, we will mainly aim to evolve our brand in accepting endorsements, licensing, and sponsors that advocate for athlete empowerments or that will positively resonate with our targeted audiences.

Customer Channels:

The Company plans to utilize John Hayden’s established fan base to grow the brand to generate revenue streams. John Hayden has already developed his fan base across the United States through playing with the NHL Arizona Coyotes, NHL Chicago Blackhawks, NHL New Jersey Devils, and Yale University Ice Hockey team.The Company will use data analytics tools to identify the most active demographics/regions and accept promoting targeted products and services for each area. John Hayden plans to attend local promotional events for products and services and connect directly with fans.

How Crowdfunding will help:

The Company will leverage the potential power of the crowd that may come after a successful funding campaign to effectively broaden the brand audience and increase brand engagement and awareness.


John Hayden Brand LLC has financial statements ending January 31, 2021. The cash in hand is $0, as of January 2021. Over the three months prior, revenues averaged $0/month, cost of goods sold has averaged $0/month, and operational expenses have averaged $0/month. The Company does not have any short or long-term debt.

Payment terms and calculations:

  1. One hundred percent (100%) of the Business Revenue should be paid to Investor (and to all other Investors with current outstanding securities based on their pro rata share in this offering) until each investor, if ever, has received an aggregate amount equal to one hundred and five percent (105%) of his/her Principal Investment (“Minimum Repayment”).

  2. Once the investors on aggregate have received the Minimum Repayment, the Company will continue paying 50% of the Business Revenue until investors have received 1.5x their Principal Investment (“Repayment Cap”), subject to the Agreement Term.

  3. The Founder John Hayden will contribute up to 1.5% of his annual future earnings to cover any shortage arise in the Business Revenue falling below the Business Revenue Threshold of US$ 7,000 (seven thousand US Dollars) per year. Read the Revenue Share Agreement for additional information and terms.


  1. To date, we have not generated revenue, do not foresee generating any revenue in the near future.

  2. We are a newly formed company. The Company has no operating history and has not generated any revenues. While we intend to generate revenue in the future, we cannot assure you when or if we will be able to do so.

  3. We have no operating history upon which you can evaluate our performance, and accordingly, our prospects must be considered in light of the risks that any new company encounters.

  4. Our management team has limited experience in the brand marketing industry and has not managed a business with similar risks and challenges specific to our business.

  5. The development and commercialization of our brand are highly competitive. We face competition with respect to any licensing, endorsements, and sponsorships that we may seek in the future. Our competitors include major brands worldwide. Many of our competitors have significantly greater financial, technical and human resources than we have and superior expertise in research and development and marketing and thus may be better equipped than us to develop and commercialize their brands and exposure. Smaller or early stage companies may also prove to be significant competitors, particularly through collaborative arrangements with large and established companies. Accordingly, our competitors may commercialize their brand more rapidly or effectively than we are able to, which would adversely affect our competitive position, the likelihood that our brand will achieve initial market acceptance and our ability to generate meaningful revenues.

  6. The Company's success depends on key personnel. In particular, the Company is dependent on John Hayden who is CEO of the Company. The loss of John Hayden could harm the Company's business, financial condition, cash flow and results of operations.

  7. Changes in rules and government regulations could adversely impact our business.

  8. Our success depends on consumer acceptance of our content and we may be adversely affected if our content fails to achieve sufficient consumer acceptance or the costs to create or acquire content increase. We create and distribute media and advertising content, the success of which depends substantially on consumer tastes and preferences that change in often unpredictable ways. The success of these contents depends on our ability to consistently create, market and distribute content that meet the changing preferences of the broad domestic and international consumer market. If our content does not achieve sufficient consumer acceptance, our businesses may be adversely affected.

  9. Our business could be adversely affected if there is a decline in licensing, endorsement, sponsorship, and advertising spending (“advertising”). A decline in the economic prospects of advertisers or the economy in general could cause companies and current or prospective advertisers to spend less on advertising or spend their advertising dollars in other media. Advertising expenditures also could be negatively affected by (i) increasing audience fragmentation caused by increased availability of alternative forms of leisure and entertainment activities; (ii) the increased use of digital video recorders to skip advertisements; (iii) pressure from public interest groups to reduce or eliminate advertising of certain products; (iv) new laws and regulations that prohibit or restrict certain types of advertisements; and (v) Declines in consumer spending on advertisers' products due to weak economic conditions could also indirectly negatively impact our advertising revenues, as advertisers may not perceive as much value from advertising if consumers are purchasing fewer of their products or services. As a result, our advertising revenues are less predictable. In addition, advertisers' willingness to purchase advertising from the Company may be adversely affected by a decline in audience preferences for our content.

  10. Limited rights for investors. Investors in this offering will not have any voting rights in the Company. The CEO is with full, exclusive, and complete discretion, power, and authority, to manage, control, administer, and operate the business and affairs of the Company for the purposes herein stated. Therefore, the CEO may make decisions that the Investors disagrees with or that negatively affects the value of the Investor’s securities in the Company and the Investors will have no recourse to change these decisions. The CEO will try to make decisions that are in the Company’s best interest.

  11. Pandemic could adversely impact our business. The coronavirus pandemic could adversely impact our operations and services, which could harm our reputation and our customer relationships and could materially adversely affect our business, financial condition and operating results. While we believe the coronavirus may have a negative impact on our financial results, the impact is difficult to assess at this time.

Other Disclosures:

Read the Form C filed with the SEC for other important disclosures, like financial statements, Directors, Officers, shareholders with more than 20% of voting rights, and more.

Management Team

John Hayden

John Hayden


More about John Hayden:


Team: Arizona Coyotes.

Position: Right Wing.

NHL Draft: 74th overall, 2013; Chicago Blackhawks.

Years Pro: 4 years.

College: Yale University.

Height: 6 ft 3 in (191 cm).

Weight: 223 lb (101kg).

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois.

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Project launched


Free Agent

John Hayden was declared a free agent as of today July 28, 2021, and he's actively looking to join another NHL team.  

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What does your company do?

The Company will market, promote, and license the brand name of John Hayden as a current NHL professional athlete.

How will you make the money back?

The Company will mainly earn revenues through brand licensing, endorsements, sponsorships, and paid TV and event appearances.

How do you plan to distribute your brand?

Brand marketing and licensing can span across multiple medium of distributions including, but not limited, TV, billboard, and social media.